Insurance. Everyone is required to have it, but you do get to choose who you buy it from. You can buy it online through one of the major carriers – sometimes not even having to speak with a live person – if that is what you want. If you would prefer having a local dedicated agent who shops the market on your behalf for the best coverage at the best rate – then Argos Insurance Services is the company for you. Our licensed staff will shop multiple markets for you to find you the correct coverage for your situation, at the right price.

In addition, we do not charge a broker fee four our services as many other brokers do. We will take whatever time is needed to go over all coverage options and show you ways to improve or adjust your coverage to a level that is applicable to your needs, after all not all clients need the same coverage. Give Argos Insurance Services an opportunity to assist you with any of your insurance needs, whether they be auto, home, commercial, life or even medical insurance, after all what do you have to lose?