Get the right coverage

It is said that your home is where your heart is. If this is correct, then why not make sure your home is insured properly. Be it a house, condo, townhouse or even an apartment that you rent, the correct insurance is pertinent in the event of a loss.

In 2015, the Valley Fire in Lake County, CA caused extreme losses and many owners lost their homes. But while the loss of real estate was great even more people who lost their personal property. Their clothes, furniture, electronics and personal items.

It is a given that if you own a home – you insure it.   Many renters either are unaware or do not believe that they need renter’s insurance. To put it into prospective, look around you and imagine that all that you own is now ashes. Is it worth about $200.00 a year to know that in that situation your property would be replaced. In addition, having a home or renter’s policy could give you a discount off your auto policy.

The Insurance Quote Process

Number One
We complete a short insurance application.
Number Two
We shop your application with as many as 10 carriers to find you the best price for the right coverage.
Number Three
We explain to you in detail the coverage we are offering you and provide you with different options and payment plans.
Number Four
You choose your policy and we issue it. You can sign documents in person or by electronic signature program.