Get the right coverage

Many people we come across ask of if this whole affordable care act is worth it or not. While I have seen some negatives, for the most part I feel that it is working and in the long run it may make it a better marketplace to get the correct coverage at the right price. Joel has sold over 100 personal policies under Covered CA and a number of commercial health insurance policies as well. He has direct access to all the key players and can assist you get signed up today (or during open enrollment). The key is patience and the ability to work the system and the technology and our broker Joel has both of those down. Don’t feel bad if you are stuck on getting signed up as I have had many highly degreed people come in close to tears and leave happy in a short time.

The Insurance Quote Process

Number One
We complete a short insurance application.
Number Two
We shop your application with as many as 10 carriers to find you the best price for the right coverage.
Number Three
We explain to you in detail the coverage we are offering you and provide you with different options and payment plans.
Number Four
You choose your policy and we issue it. You can sign documents in person or by electronic signature program.